Are you ready to enter the outer space where humankind united under the banner of the Adria Corporation?

You will be thrown right in the middle of conflict over corporate influences. To reach political power you will have to fight aganist other players over control of the resource flow. You will assemble NFT mechs from diverse modules to annihilate swarms of alien creatures.

Command your drones to travel through the expanses of the universe to gather resources from the mining spots.



We will offer flexible staking that will fit investors and gamers. Choose between $ADRIA and $AdriaCredits rewards. It doesn’t matter who you are, get ready with steady gains with us.


You can stake various NFTs in different ways to gain resources and achieve long-term goals of controlling industry, wealth and power in the GameFi grand strategy ecosystem.


We put the shape of future combat equipment like mech, weapons and drones in your hands. You can plan and configure them in your manufactures and record them on the blockchain.


Unity-based Top-Down Shooter where you can use NFT by taking part in missions where resources and blueprints can be obtained. Various 3D designed weapons will be available for you.


2021 Q1

Creation of the idea of Crypt0 Mayhem

Company structure defined

Adria-Art & Adria Games partnership of Crypt0 Mayhem long term vision

2021 Q2

Social Media Launch

Game Art concepts for mechs and weapons

Core IT team recruitment

Comcreo partnership

Brand Identity concept

2021 Q3

Synapse Network Partnership

GDD (ver.1) accepted

Official Website


2021 Q4


PGA live adventure



Company registration in Switzerland

$ADRIA presale

2022 Q1

NFT Avatars, NPCs and items for sale

$ADRIA public sale

ETH-BSC bridge + $ADRIA staking for $AdriaCredits rewards

2022 Q2

Geological missions

NFT Land sale

Basic planet infrastructure development

2022 Q3

NFT Legendary Drones Sale

NFT Drones staking on mining spots for $Mechanium rewards

2022 Q4

NFT Legendary Mechs Sale

MVP Top down shooter (alfa)

2023 Q1

$ADRIA Staking for habitable zones control

2023 Q2

NFT Legendary weapons Sale

Top down shooter (beta)

2023 Q3

Advanced planet infrastructure development

2023 Q4

Top Down Shooter PVE